AYF London

AYF London was first established in 1989 under the chapter name “Khanasor”. It lived a healthy and exuberant life, however, the chapter became dormant in the year 2000.

Eight years later, the youth of the following generation decided it was time for a revival. And so, in September 2008, AYF London resumed its work with a brand new set of laborious individuals. Proudly, they re-established the Khanasor name in London.

The pillars that guide our activities are: Political (Hye Tad), Cultural, Educational, Social and Athletic.

In addition to the original mission, AYF London aims to maintain Armenian identity as well as promoting awareness and understanding of Armenian matters amongst all in the city. Through cooperation the Khanasor group seeks to address the needs of the community, as well as to preserve and advance the Armenian nation.

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