Our History

On January 14, 1933, the Armenian Youth Federation was born.

It was on that day in Boston, Massachusetts, that the ARF Central Committee of America decided to unify existing youth groups scattered across the country and build the groundwork for a national Armenian youth organisation.

The legendary Armenian hero General Karekin Njdeh was soon invited to the US to serve as a fieldworker to mobilise the communities around the idea of a consolidated youth movement. He toured the country from city to city, town to town, encouraging the masses to join the ranks of the soon-to-be-established AYF. With his magnetic oratory and inspirational presence, hundreds of youths flocked to hear his appeals and apply to become part of the first generation of the AYF.

In June 1934 the AYF held its first Convention, which took place at the famous Hairenik Hall in Boston. General Njdeh served as the honorary chairman of the Convention, where 40 chapters throughout the country were represented with a total of about 60 voting delegates. This gathering democratically set the initial name, anthem, programs, and aims of the organisation. They also elected the first AYF Central Executive body, composed of five members; Arthur Giragosian, K. Merton Bozoian, Hamparsoum Gelanian, John Der Hovanessian, and Hagop Hagopian.

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