A Response to Turkey’s Response

What right does the Turkish government have to oppose a democratically achieved decision in a foreign country? Furthermore, how can they talk about the legislation being an infringement on human rights, when they themselves have oppressed the remaining Armenians living within their state; when they themselves have been part of a long line of similar governments that have refused to even open talks regarding the question of the Armenian Genocide; when they themselves have restricted the “freedom of expression” of Armenians, among restricting other human rights and civil liberties we take for granted today.

If Turkey views this legislation as an act of aggression, surely Germans would feel the same regarding legislation on the denial of the Holocaust. The fact is that Germans do not, because they were rightfully made accountable for their actions. If Turkey claims to be a democracy, surely they would be open to talks and thus open the border between Armenia and Turkey.

But what do they have to hide? They deny the fact that there has been no justice whatsoever for the 1.5 million Armenians that lost their lives. The Turks have certainly not been made accountable for their actions, and Armenians still live today in the Turkish state, oppressed and discriminated against. There has not been any form of reparations, or even an apologetic statement for the plight of the 1.5 million Armenians that were inhumanely massacred in 1915-16.

Therefore, Turkey is openly presenting its stance on the Armenian question; unlike any other democratic state in the world that would rightfully account for its minorities (an estimated 70,000 Armenians still living in Turkey). Evidently, Turkey should not be talking about the legislation being a breach of human rights when they cannot even admit the death of one point five million innocent men, women and children. Aspiring EU candidates? Strikes an uncanny resemblance of the state that committed these atrocities.

— Emin Moskofian

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