April 24th Vigil

April 24th always has and always will hold a very special place in the hearts and souls of Armenians across the world. It is the day that we wish upon no race and no peoples to ever experience. It is this day that is attributed as the start of the systematic killings and massacres that the Ottoman Empire conducted against the Armenian populous, which has since become apparent and correctly labelled as Genocide.

On Thursday April 24th that the AYF London organised a vigil to take place opposite the Turkish embassy. The event took place between the hours of 1630 and 1830, and was well attended by around 80 individuals. What was interesting to note about this year’s event (the 99th anniversary) was the participation by members of different communities, including the London Kurdish group and a Turkish journalist supporting an anti-Erdogan group. The message this year (as has always been) was to show the Turkish government that Armenians will not forget, and will not stay silent regarding the Genocide. The rhetoric coming from users of social media this year very much focused on the fact that we as Armenians still survive, still thrive, still celebrate our culture and our way of life, we have done so for thousands of years, and we will continue to demand justice and do so until Turkey accepts its responsibilities.

The day will come when Turkey must face up to its past, for it to have a successful future, when that day will come, we cannot predict at the moment, however we can say that until it does, we will continue to protest and demonstrate, and remember those victims 99 years ago.

We will never forget.

— Hagop Krikorian

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