AYF Hosts 2nd Annual Quiz Night

AYF London hosts a range of annual events, one of our favourites being the more recent annual quiz night. We learnt last year that it was an event that was extremely enjoyed by the Armenian community of London. So on 28th November, in the Navasartian centre, we held our 2nd annual Quiz Night.


This year we decided to ‘up the game’ with a more quizzing collection of questions (pun intended) and an incredibly handsome quizmaster (Editor’s note: this was, in fact, the writer of this article!). The rounds included Sport, General Knowledge, Armenia, Music, Television, Geography and several others. The turnout was extremely impressive with a refreshing number of new faces and additional subscribers to the Yeritasard newsletter.

What was the most humorous was the array of comical team names such as “yerjanikner” or “lucky” (in a sarcastic manner) and “hisouse hay er”, translating to “Jesus was Armenian”. The food and drink was extremely popular this year, and for that we must thank our extremely hardworking Engerouhiner and the voluntary help of Anna Avekian. The bar was a hit among the community’s older members, of course, and was run by AYF’s own Emin Moskofian.

Overall I would indeed say that the night was certainly a success – and the winning team captained by Narbeh Minassian going home with some champagne and an extensive supply of Jaffa Cakes.


 To conclude, we must commend everyone involved in the event for the extremely impressive organisation of the night – which ran smoothly. We must also give a massive thanks to all who took part, and made the night one to never-forget.

Have your teams ready for next year for your chance to walk away with some desirable prizes, along with a “good old Armenian ‘hajouyk’”!

— Stephan Raffi Gasparian

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