AYF Khanasor’s First Members’ Camp

From the 9th-10th February, ten members of AYF London Khanasor embarked on our maiden camp (բանակում) since our re-establishment in 2008. The snowy weekend at Chalfont Heights not only gave us a platform for discussion and debate, but also provided a chance to bond as a closely-knit group.

Upon arriving we immediately got stuck into the action; ARF member Engerouhi Armineh Gasparian delivered an excellent presentation on the history of AYF and ARF from the 19thcentury, which was particularly interesting as we were able to see how our organisation was formed and operated by defending Armenian interests. After an earned Armenian coffee break, I gave an educational on the Khanasor Campaign (Խանասորի Արշաւանքը) and its undoubted importance in Armenian history. The events of 1897 represented the fiery and united spirit possessed by Armenians against those who had committed horrendous and tyrannous atrocities on our innocent compatriots.

After a merry night of relaxing and numerous renditions of Armenian songs around the fire (which, might I add, lasted until the early hours of the morning), it was time to get stuck back into the action. Enger Hagop Krikorian directed a thought-provoking seminar on issues affecting the Armenian youth both within Armenia and in the diaspora. We analysed issues such as whether or not the youth are disillusioned with politics and the issue of direct action. The exercise was followed by an insightful and comprehensive educational on the siege of the Ottoman Bank (Պանք Օթօմանի գրաւումը) delivered by Enger Heros Jojaghaian. This study on the events of 1896 concluded our brief look into our past; seeing the build up and subsequent consequences of the events conducted by Armenian fedayees. Finally Engerouhi Annette Moskofian and Enger Raffi Kilian of ARF then proceeded to lead a seminar on organising events. We explored how to build on the achievements and successes AYF London has had regarding our events in the past year, and we look forward to implementing new ideas to reach new heights.

Our first camp was an undeniable success; it was an important mix of political enthusiasm and Armenian ‘hajooyk’. For all aspiring members of AYF, I am certain that speaking on the behalf of our members, the camp was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life and one of the most successful events organised by Khanasor London chapter.

— Emin Moskofian

See all the pictures here.

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