AYF London Hosts England v Italy Game

On the 14th of June at the Navasartian Centre, with AYF London as hosts, the England vs. Italy World Cup match kicked off with a hall full of spectators.

As all the fans joined together for an evening full of excitement and anxiety, the night started off with food orders being taken and glares being exchanged between respective rivals. Despite the mixture of the fans of the rival teams, everybody enjoyed the menu of burgers, hot dogs and chips prior to the beginning of the game. A few minutes before kick-off, our highly regarded priest and bishop both appeared to enjoy the match, showing their support for Italy by wearing the Italian flag and football shirt.

The game kicked off with a fierce competition between both teams, and Italy scored the first goal of the match. Mixed reactions were in the air, with the Italy supporters roaring with pride whilst the England fans buried their heads in their hands in dismay. However, England fought back immensely as Sturridge scored the first goal for the team, concluding with his signature celebration. Half time saw a rush to the food counter and the bar, with even ice cream being served to cool down the heated crowd. Minutes before the final whistle blew to a whirlwind of a match, Balotelli fired the ball into the net with the score ending at 2-1 to Italy.

Despite the winning of one team, the match united us as a community through the support shown by each and every person. It truly was an unforgettable night and we all took home memories to treasure. If only England would have more games…

— Sevana Babaian, 14

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