AYF London Hosts Reparations 360

Stephen Pound MP was present as the Armenian Youth Federation hosted their annual ‘360’ panel discussion, this year on the subject of reparations.

reparations 360








The panel was led by two of the four co-authors of the report titled ‘Resolution With Justice: Reparations for the Armenian Genocide’, Ara Papian and Henry Theriault.

Mr Theriault, Philosophy Department Chair at Worcester State University, spoke of the need to demand reparations, claiming that the Armenian nation could have had a population of around 20 million people were it not for the genocide.

He argued that, while it is slightly unfair for modern Turks to pay for the crime of the Ottoman Turks, today’s Turkey must take on part of the heavy burden carried by generations of Armenians since 1915.

He admitted that the idea of reparations does currently seem like a “pipe dream” but he pointed out that the same was said of the abolition of slavery in 19th century America and of the ending of racial segregation a century later.

AYF London members with Mr. Ara Papian and Mr. Henry Therialt

“Regardless of being successful or not, we must try,” he concluded.

Lawyer, diplomat, and historian, Mr Papian, focused on the legality of reparations and the legal basis for reclaiming land.

The report ‘Resolution With Justice: Reparations for the Armenian Genocide’ can be read here.

— Narbeh Minsasian

Watch the Reparations 360 video on our YouTube channel.

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