AYF London Hosts Vigil

Friday 24th April saw AYF London, under the auspices of the AGCCC, host a demonstration outside the Turkish embassy in Belgrave Square, protesting the 100th year of continued denial from the Turkish state over the Genocide that occurred in 1915. Around 200 people were in attendance, ranging from the very young to the older members in the community. All present were there, united, and in defiance of the Ottomans attempt to eradicate the Armenians, yet again displaying that Turkey did indeed fail in their bids to commint crimes against humanity. This year those who were present chanted and sang not only for the recognition of these heinous crimes, but also for justice to be served. Genocide recognition and Turkish denial has seen a shift in recent times, away from a question of sympathy and closure, and more towards a question of legality and justice. We as AYF London also thank members of the Assyrian community for their presence and support at the rally, we stand united in the fight against crimes against our peoples. The struggle for justice may continue, but what Friday showed for us was that this question will never be forgotten, this cause never abandoned, until we attain what is right for those 1.5 million martyrs that gave their lives at the hands of Ottoman oppression.

— Hagop Krikorian

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