AYF Members Attend Third Annual Camp

“Camping is a strong foundation for any form of group bonding”, and is, in my humble opinion, an activity that can bring out the most productivity within any group. Therefore, it is only appropriate for AYF to endorse this message; which we have done so with our annual October camp that took place from October 3rd – 5th. We used this opportunity of heightened productivity to the advantage of the global Armenian diaspora. This is due to the fact that the main agenda of our camp was for the study and dissection of the planning and organisation of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, which is soon among us. This is something, which AYF prioritises greatly for our respect and participation in the Armenian Cause.

This was mostly separated to two different categories, what others (AGCCC) are doing, its members and so forth, as well as what we should plan to do. As chairman and representative of the AGCCC, Mr Raffi Sarkisian gave us our main talk, which was centred on our agenda. We also received a number of other talks from such names as Mr Vahan Krikorian, Miss Armineh Gasparian and a number of our very own AYF members. The information given to us were used to our advantage and will add to our knowledge that, in the long run, will prove useful and suitable in the centenary year of the Armenian Genocide.

On a lighter note our camp this year had some visitors from AYF Greece, who we would like to thank for their company, as well as their intellectual input. I will end this article with a thought, more specifically a quote as to how people should see the struggle of the Armenian people in many cases as well as those of the Armenian Cause, “Evil occurs in the world, not by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing.” — Albert Einstein.

— Stephan Raffi Gasparian

See all the photos here.

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