AYF Quiz Night: Truly a Great Success

A busy hall filled with the hustle and bustle of excited contestants filled the Navasartian on Friday 15th November for AYF’s first quiz night. The event attracted an attendance of over seventy people! A vibrant, busy and joyful atmosphere was assured.

A range of teams were present varied from the self- representing AYF team to the Armenian adults to a joint UCL and SOAS team with some inventive names such as Kotayk and Ambassadors.

As the quiz was under way contestants were up against each other in rounds such as General knowledge, History, Geography, Film/ Music, Sports, London and a Hayastan round. Questions took many forms including videos, trailers and clips of soundtracks all to create a varied and interactive quiz to appeal to all.

The competitiveness became captivating, especially when teams had to tackle difficult questions such as “where did the only successful slave revolt in history take place” (the answer being the Haitian revolution led by Toussaint Louverture in Haiti) or had to try to remember the name of the Armenian actor who played Borat’s accompanying producer – Ken Davitian.

Shouts of applaud and relief were ubiquitous in the hall from teams who answered tough questions correctly, especially when it was revealed that Salahadin’s ethnicity was Kurdish and not of the assumed Arab, or that Andre Agassi had won eight grand slam titles.

Food sold like hot fire:  Lahmajoon, Pirozhky and Napoleon were all offered as tasty snacks and refreshments along with complimentary olives and, bread and hummus. The mini-bar offered Beer, Wine, Whiskey and soft drinks, all which provided a certain ambience. A well-deserved break allowed everyone to collect their thoughts, socialise with other teams and organisers and gather team spirit to tackle the next set of questions

Moreover, a lot of the energy and excitement of the night could not have been achieved without the help of the charismatic and motivating Shiraz Vartanian as quiz master. He was able to deliver the questions, create a competitive ambience and arouse great participation for which we are greatly thankful.

The champions of the night was the ‘Ambassadors’ team who won by a close three points above the rival AYF team. After successfully battling through thought provoking questions, they rightfully claimed their title as AYF quiz night victors. Prizes were awards to the participating members but, in lack of a better cliché, all felt like they had won just by participating, keeping the Armenian community vibrant and alive, and enjoying each other’s company.

The overall feeling during the night was not about the quiz questions, the answers or the winners. Rather, there was a general rewarding feel from the organisation of such an event which allowed local Armenians to meet, greet and socialise with one another in a welcoming environment with fellow Armenians; which is without a doubt an important aim of AYF London Khanasor.

— Raph Gregorian

See all the pictures here.

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