EDITORIAL: Armenian Music and National Pride

National pride takes many forms, one of which is music; the importance of patriotic and specifically revolutionary songs is to be found within the struggles of our nation. From celebrating significant events, to expressing affection for what we love and stand for, there have been revolutionary songs written for all purposes, joyful and sombre. Patriotic songs of our nation are the mechanism through which we form, invoke and rekindle pride within one another: songs like Yelek Hayer and Gini Lits are favourites amongst the youth because of the positive lyrics and upbeat composition. These songs, often sung by young Armenians in unison at outings, camps and sporting events, create a unique atmosphere that is filled with patriotism and a sense of national identity. This sense of national identity is a fragile entity that can be lost by those living in the Diaspora, hence another other important role of revolutionary songs is to raise the feeling of nationalism within those who may be feeling distant.

Not only do revolutionary songs raise our pride, our patriotic songs are also the sound of our struggle. They are able to teach and remind us of our courageous heroes who have fought our enemies in order to preserve our religion, culture, lands and national identity. Furthermore, these songs provide an additional medium for learning about the history of our people.

In conclusion, patriotic and revolutionary songs are an imperative part of our culture as they are able to impart stories of our history whilst instilling a sense of pride in our national character. The preservation of our songs walks hand in hand with the preservation of the Armenian language and culture; therefore it is vital for our youth to empower themselves with pride in learning and singing the timeless revolutionary songs.

— Andre Asaturyan

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