The weekend October 9th to 11th saw AYF London Khanasor Chapter venture out to this season’s camp. This year, the activities of the weekend were very aptly based around the general theme of “Activism”. With 2015 being the centennial anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, this provided the perfect setting for a review of our own activism for this cause so far, and a look into different forms of activism that can be undertaken in the future.

The educational sessions were meticulously designed to allow the group to engage in multiple discussions and share ideas. As a political youth organisation, it was helpful to have the opportunity to dissect the different types of activism, through areas such as protest, demonstration and media, and discuss the benefits and downfalls of each and come to our own conclusions as a group.


AYF’s weekend camps have been proven time and time again to provide the ideal atmosphere for productive discussion and healthy debate, and this year was no exception. Spending two days fully immersed in the schedule in an enjoyable and enthused environment, with the best balance between fun and productivity, highlighted the key factors that unite us as an organisation, thereby helping and motivating us to further our aims.

If you are interested in joining our activities, send us an email at info@ayflondon.com

— Arpi Stepanian

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