EDITORIAL: Embracing The New and Releasing the Old

It is time to embrace the new; and in order to effectively embrace the New Year we should release the old. In the same way that a trapeze athlete cannot swing from one bar to another without letting go, we at AYF London are looking back upon our year.  Part of our reflection as a youth organisation and as individuals includes asking “What did we learn? What did we get right? What could we have done differently?” And perhaps most importantly, “What do we look forward to and hope to achieve in 2016?”  These are all discussions that are vital for a healthy and democratic organisation and we closed our year with our usual AGM during which we elected a new Executive Committee as per our constitution. We are looking forward to our upcoming activities of the New Year – you can keep up with us as always on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.


Around this time of year social media is awash with “new year, new me” type posts, the regular media is filled with advertisements of new year promotions and of course the gym and sports organisations begin their strong new year advertising campaigns in a bid to win our partiality in an attempt to work off some of the excess calories we may have enjoyed as far as food and drink during the festivities. Additionally, for students like myself it is a particularly odd time of year; whilst a new year is beginning, the academic year is still in full swing with most institutions holding January exams so it becomes a question of balancing friends, family, festive spirit and studying – an overwhelming combination perhaps? Nonetheless, it can be very easy to become carried away with the festive season and forget our ideals and principles. This year in particular, I tried to remind myself that the beginning of a New Year is an involuntary occurrence that happens regardless of our actions as individuals. If we strip away the excess we are left with just that – a celebration of the passing of time. It is up to us to add our ideas and principles to this yearly celebration; and with that on behalf of the Yeritasard editorial team and AYF London – we wish you a happy 2016!

— Andre Asaturyan

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