EDITORIAL: First Anniversary of Yeritasard

On a Saturday morning around a year ago, I attempted to write words to show a perspective – the perspective of the members of the “Khanasor” chapter of the Armenian Youth Federation. Words were difficult to find at first. It was the debut issue of the Yeritasard newsletter and, as a group, it seemed like a mountain stood before us. We pressed on untrained and with little guidance, but we were not unequipped. We had reason, ambition and perseverance. The three combined to generate a great driving force and, subsequently, churned out twelve issues over the course of the past year. As planned.

As the months rolled on and the issues rolled out, the words came more easily. I found myself falling into the habit of not just writing, but researching; interpreting and analysing the stories which I encountered. These are skills which had a profound impact on my academic life also: the same would undoubtedly be echoed by all others who’ve played a role in this newsletter’s production. This only made me appreciate more the existence of this monthly publication not just as a platform from which we can express our views as an organisation, but also as a project that we all as contributors have benefited from on an individual basis.

Yeritasard is now going into its second year, and in its short life yet it has gone from strength to strength. It’s fair to say that if this rate of growth were to be maintained a very healthy life would be forecast indeed.

We, the team behind this work, are proud to deliver you our thoughts. Through this newsletter we have aimed to go beyond providing news: our aims have been to awaken minds, stimulate conversation, provoke thinking, enlighten our audience and radiate empowerment.

This community has long been devoid of a publication aimed at its younger generation. London’s original AYF group had the Viewpoint newsletter, but with the group it became dormant. The organisation reformed, and we have resumed the work of our predecessors. We look forward to serving you further.

— Heros Jojaghaian

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