EDITORIAL: The 122nd Anniversary of ARF

This month marked the 122nd anniversary of the ARF-Dashnaktsutyun. Born out of the need for survival and self-determination, its initial ideal was to have a Free, Independent and United Armenia. This was largely the motivation behind the many groups of Armenian revolutionary fighters which were collected under the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. To this day this remains the party’s slogan – Ազատ, Անկախ եւ Միացեալ Հայաստան:

The ARF was instrumental in the effort towards the establishment of the first Armenian Republic in 1918. Later, while it was affected by the Sovietisation of Armenia, its activities worldwide continued largely unhindered due to its decentralised structure. Today it is an active and vocal opposition party in Armenia and it is a member of Socialist International. It is recognised the world over as a major political force: its youth arm, the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF), is arguably the most active socio-political Armenian youth group, boasting over 45 chapters internationally.

Since its establishment the ARF has fought for social equality and justice; the empowerment of all, especially women and youth; the autonomy and integrity of Armenia; and, of course, it has maintained throughout all its endeavours the vision of our Fatherland being Free, Independent, and United in all its Wilsonian glory.

— Heros Jojaghaian

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