EDITORIAL: The Liberation of Shoushi

On May 9 we celebrate anniversary of Shoushi’s liberation, Shoushi, a strategically important town of Artsakh was fully liberated 22 years ago this day.
The event is considered the first big victory in the Artsakh liberation war. The heroic operation also created economic advantages for the entire country which was in a state of collapse in the wake of missile attacks against Stepanakert and the neighboring towns and villages.

In a blockade and isolated from Armenia, Shoushi was liberated on the night of May 9. And a week later, it opened way to the Republic of Armenia through the Lachin corridor. Immediately after Armenia gained control over Shoushi, the Armenian self-defense forces entered Lachin, May 12-18 of 1992, and strategically secured a direct land communication between Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh.

“It was a nationwide victory, the victory of our right to live freely and independently, the revival of self-confidence in our strength. It has freed our people from the complex of victim and has laid a firm foundation for building a powerful statehood on the Armenian soil.”  NKR President Bako Sahakyan, 2009.

Shoushi came to prove the heroism, courage, self sacrifice of the Armenian soldier. The efforts of Liberation Army soldiers with military precision neutralized one of the deadliest of Azeri strongholds which was used by Azeris to send missiles and rockets on the population of Stepanakert and other areas in Karabakh. They not only neutralized the Azeri firepower, but they also drove away the Azeri soldiers and reclaimed this ancient Armenian city. Shoushi liberation on May 9, 1992 was the modern day example of Sartarabad forever etched in the national pride of the Armenian people as a symbol people’s expression of self-determination and courage, will and resilience. Մահ կամ Ազատութիւն:

— Emin Moskofian

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