EDITORIAL: The New Year and its Challenges

As one year ends, another inevitably begins. Sadly we ended 2012 without an ambassador – after the sudden death of Karine Kazinian – and having also lost another cherished member of the community, Rubina Boghosian. Both losses tragic and far too soon.

The coming year, though, promises a new ACCC Executive Committee. It may also deliver us a new ambassador. In some ways this year is a fresh start: a new beginning which can rejuvenate us as collective inhabitants with a common bond.

Let us seize these and all changes with optimism and faith. For, paraphrasing Yeghiche Charents, our only salvation is our collective strength. Unity and strength are two things we can’t afford to lack during rocky times such as this for our neck of the world: when the leader of our eastern neighbour, Ilham Aliyev, has just been crowned the world’s most corrupt man; when his government’s rhetoric against our homeland is relentless and the tension between our countries is ever straining; while we’re creeping towards the doorstep of the century anniversary of the Genocide, which is insulted daily by those still denying its extent or its very occurrence; while in some parts of the world our language is labeled as “endangered”; while the world – the Western world we seem proud to reside in and contribute to – sits idly as a nation is disgraced and offended in the name of Ramil Safarov’s pardoning and glorification! No, we cannot afford to shy away from our community, to be hesitant of one another, nor to remain indifferent to that which demeans our rich heritage.

— Heros Jojaghaian

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