EDITOR’S FOREWORD: April 24th Issue

I would like to begin this issue of Yeritasard by wishing everyone a Happy Easter. The month of April is instrumental in uniting all Armenians. The Armenian community of London experienced a plethora of cultural events, from Easter, to book fairs, to a remarkable opera and our own successful Birthright Armenia event.

However this issue of Yeritasard is dedicated to commemorating the inhumane massacres of our brothers and sisters 99 years ago by the Ottoman Turks. The first Genocide of the 20th Century remains unrecognised by our government in the United Kingdom. This year our activities have been unparalleled, and AYF London has been very active. Alongside holding our successful annual vigil (which was featured in on Los Angeles based Horizon TV) AYF sent out letters to 617 Members of the UK Parliament in a campaign to the United Kingdom to recognise the Genocide. Letters were also sent out to the embassies of the countries that have not recognised the genocide. AYF London also joined forces with the ANC and other AYF chapters from around the world in the #SaveKessab Twitter campaign which successfully trended on social media.

Political campaigning has become an integral part of the AYF activity and we urge all Armenian youth to join us in such efforts.

Such is our duty to ensure that our scars do not go unnoticed, and that our people get the retribution they deserve.

— Emin Moskofian

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