EDITOR’S FOREWORD: Azerbaijani Aggression

Dear Yeritasard readers,

As a team of politicised youth, we strive to bring you opinions on events affecting Armenians both in Armenia and in the diaspora. To be frank, the first month of 2014 was not kind to us Armenians. From learning about President Sarkisian’s ability to pay for “facial rejuvenation”treatment in South Korea costing $186,000 to Azeri forces attacking Artsakh, leading to the murder of Junior Sergeant Armen Hovhannisyan on 20 January. This was the death of a boy aged 19, merely a few months older than myself. Furthermore, Azeri snipers shot and woundedLianna Anikyan, of Nerkin Karmiraghbuyr, aged a mere 16-years-old on 23 January. This was, yet again, a planned attack on the Armenian people, however this attack was on Armenia itself, on the Tavush region on the Azeri border. AYF London will strive to keep you updated via ourFacebook page during this pressing time for our Armenian compatriots. Our opinions will be voiced in next month’s issue, for these are not matters to remain quiet over.

— Emin Moskofian

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