Euro Final Pulls in the Punters

July 1st marked the UEFA Euro 2012 final, which saw Spain win the title in a match against Italy which ended 4-0. AYF Khanasor brought together Armenians of all ages across London to enjoy the historic match on the big screen at the Navasartian Centre.

A bring-your-own-food policy was in place and the bar was open, leaving many to entertain the idea of a traditional English experience of football and beer.

The event was a resounding success, uniting a large group of Armenians through a link somewhat different to the usual, celebrating global culture whilst maintaining our Armenian roots in a familiar environment. At each goal from either team, some were on their feet while others held their head in the hands in despair. The result left some ecstatic, while others were disappointed beyond belief. But the outcome aside, the atmosphere was appreciated by all attendees, who relished the occasion with their friends and family by their sides.

— Arpi Stepanian

See all the pictures here.

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