Hard Efforts Paid Off: First Akhtamar Fundraising Christmas Bazaar

On Sunday the 8th of December at Ruskin Hall in Acton the Akhtamar Dance Group held its first Fund Raising Christmas Bazaar. For those unaware, Akhtamar is the one and only Armenian dance group in London with members ranging between the age of 7 and 35. Headed by Maral Baghdjian and choreography by the respected Baron Arsen Zakaryan, the event was a big hit. Although quite small, the room the event was held in, which is where Akhtamar rehearses every Sunday, was completely packed with excited guests waiting to see the dancers perform. There were nearly 100 attendees- some standing, some sitting, but all having a good time.

Perhaps not quite the bazaar you might imagine, this event was more like a mini concert with performances by the Akhtamar dancers. Partly due to it being a fundraising event, but also as an opportunity to be immersed in traditional Armenian dance, the £5 entry fee was a humble and modest donation that would allow the group to continue to preserve our Armenian culture. Once the guests settled in, Akhtamar gave a brief welcoming speech to kick off the night. There wasn’t any shortage of action and dancing as Akhtamar danced non-stop to the enjoyment of the crowd. From the oldest, experienced dancers to the youngest, adorable members, the dances were a joy to watch. The music was upbeat, the drummer was great, and the dancers were energetic. The audience being so close to the dancers also heightened the experience and excitement. There wasn’t an inch of floor not utilized by the dancers.

The energy in the room was so lively and enthusiastic as the night was spent watching, eating, drinking and mingling. MASSIStea was present, serving delicious tea lattes, while Akhtamar was serving tasty desserts for unbelievably low prices. Moreover, Akhtamar generously provided free wine and crisps for their guests. Aside from the food, drinks and dance performances, the crowd also got to participate in the action. Later into the night the guests were brought onto the dance floor to learn dance moves and dance all together. The dancers were very encouraging as they gathered people to join in. It didn’t matter whether you were good at dancing or not, everyone was welcome and had a great time participating. There was hardly any room left on the dance floor as the crowd didn’t want to stop dancing. However, the night had to come to a close. To wrap up the event there was a raffle with interesting prizes ranging from a 10 year old bottle of brandy and Ballet tickets to picture frames and beauty sets. Winners were also encouraged to dance to collect their prizes. After a brief closing speech and a couple more good laughs, the night ended on a high note.

— Alice Kolandjian

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