Homenetmen London Wins Award

Recipients of the 2011 Awards “for notable contribution to the preservation of the Armenian identity” received their awards during a ceremony held on 18th January 2012. The 2011 Awards were organized by the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Diaspora and the World Armenian Congress.

Attending the ceremony were RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan, Vice-Presidents of the World Armenian Congress Aram Sargsyan and Vladimir Aghayan, scientists, professors, journalists and others. The goal of the awards is to encourage the preservation and development of Armenian identity in the Armenian communities of the Diaspora and assess the contributions of individuals and organizations in this strategic act. To this affect, the Grand Prize for Best Youth Organization was awarded to various organisations around the world with Homenetmen London securing the joint 2nd place prize.

Homenetmen London (The Armenian Scouting & Sporting Association of Great Britain) was established in 1979 and to this day is considered as one of the most active voluntary organisations in London. In a community which in the main is now considered as home to second generation of Armenians, Homenetmen has worked endlessly to meet the needs of the Armenian youth in London through its four core divisions: Scouts, Sports, Alumni and Homenetmen Youth Events (HYE).

Speaking on receiving the award, Chairman of Homenetmen London, Shiraz Vartanian, was elated following the announcement of securing joint second place at the awards. “Behind the scenes, there is a great amount of hard work, effort and dedication shown by all within Homenetmen to help ensure its continuity and success. We are a highly active organisation with a young and dynamic executive committee that helps drive forward the aims and objectives of Homenetmen and it is not often that this hard work by everyone recognised.

Our chapter represents a very important and active part of our community and it has played a vital role in the preservation of the Armenian culture within the Armenian youth of London. Outside school, Homenetmen has tried to produce Armenian youth with a moral, physical and psychological education whilst also teaching the youth the richness of the Armenian culture and heritage whilst preparing them to become outstanding citizens.

This award is tribute to all those who, in the face of many pressures, continually rise to the challenges and have prevailed for the past 33 years to deliver the invaluable service to the youth within our community. We should all be extremely proud of being part of an organisation that today is accredited and recognised for providing a notable contribution to the preservation of the Armenian identity”.

The purpose of the program is to encourage and assess the achievements in the preservation of national identity and the daily activities of Armenian individuals and organizations. The ministry implemented a pan-Armenian awards ceremony in the categories of: Piece of Homeland: a youth scientific research award ceremony in light of the 20th anniversary of Armenia’s independence, Best Armenian Language Teacher: an award ceremony for Armenian language and history teachers in Diaspora Armenian schools and Best Youth Organization: an award ceremony for youth, student organizations and youth community organizations in Diaspora Armenian communities.

— Homenetmen London Executive

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