Homenetmen London’s Easter Sunday Lunch

Easter Sunday is not complete without Homenetmen London’s traditional Easter Lunch at the Navasartian Centre in West London. The event saw community members from across the city come together to spend the typically ‘family day’ together – as a family. Guests enjoyed a lunch of kebab or chicken with rice, which was, as usual, a huge success.

However, the event did not end in just good company and good food. An entertainment section was provided for the children who found themselves present at the event. This began with an arts and crafts programme, where the children enjoyed painting small wooden eggs and making chocolate rice crispy cakes. The results were fantastic, and all of the children were happy to have something to take home with them. Following this was the Easter Egg Hunt. We received a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny himself, who escorted the participating youngsters to the park nearby. Each child, armed only with an empty basket and their own motivation and excitement, had the task of finding the most eggs. This resulted in much screaming and running around, as well as shouts of encouragement from competitive parents who joined in on the fun. The final part of the programme consisted of an Easter-themed piñata filled with more Easter eggs, and would contribute to the points already collected by the kids. All of the participants had tremendous fun whacking the poor papier-mâché bunny until he suffered a wound gushing a rainbow of Easter eggs, which bounced around on the grass before being pounced upon by the children, at this point each of whom was more eager than ever to collect the most. The junior entertainment section ended with a quick count-up of scores and a small prize giving ceremony at the park, where first, second and third place prizes were awarded, as well as complimentary participation chocolate eggs.

While the children enjoyed this programme, the adults who remained at Navasartian took part in an Easter Egg Tournament. Each table played the traditional egg breaking game, and the winner from each table received a prize. The competition continued as the winners from each table then played against one another, and the winner of this second round was awarded a larger prize. This section of the event was enjoyable for all who participated, and provided some light entertainment. Subsequently, the drawing of the lottery took place, which inevitably caused yet another bout of excitement.

As the event came to a close, the attendees left having spent a wonderful day together with friends and family, and children left grinning ear to ear. The organising committee did an amazing job, and Homenetmen London is now able to add Easter 2012 to its already wealthy bank of successful events.

Happy Easter! Շնորհաւոր Զատիկ:

— Ike Stepanian

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