IFM-SEI International Congress

The 23rd triennial ‘International Falcon Movement – Socialist Education International (IFM-SEI)’ international congress was held from 6-9th June 2013, in the traditional British socialist heartland of Manchester. The congress was hosted by the regional youth socialist educational movement, ‘The woodcraft Folk’ and was conducted in the headquarters of the ‘Co-op’, one of the first co-operative business enterprises in Britain and around the world.

Delegates from around 20 countries gathered for what would be a productive congress, and proud to be representing the Armenian Youth Federation were delegates from the London chapter, Comrades Hagop Krikorian and Kevork Hagopjian.

The structure of the congress was to organise some internal procedures and regulations. Changes to voting systems and delegate elections were initiated as well as the creation of a new work plan for the 3 years ahead. This centred around 6 key areas of: child participation, cooperation and internationalism, equality and inclusion, peace and conflict, group work, and communication and ownership. The international movement is very much focused on education of the youth and standing up for children’s rights around the world, and as can be seen from the agenda of the work-plan, socialist principles of equality and justice were very much the flavour of the day. Besides the opportunity to discuss about socialist educational principles with delegates from around the world, it was an interesting chance to meet people of different walks of life and from different regions of the world, from the Middle East to South America. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening experience and one which would be great to repeat.

— Hagop Krikorian
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