Kardashian Kriticism

From the party-hard lifestyle of the Hollywood celebrity to the consumerism vaunted on the TV-series, I have never been able to understand why Armenians seem to be honoured and proud to have such floozies as a part of our national identity. The condition is already fragile when it comes to awareness of our small, landlocked state; should we be content with the association with the Kardashians?

I am sure that I am not the first who has witnessed odars immediately quote the Kardashian name upon becoming privy to my nationality. I would rather my national identity be associated with the more valuable contributions that have been made by numerous musicians, physicists, directors, artists and sports people throughout the ages, as opposed to the famous-for-being-famous disgrace that is the Kardashian family.

Perhaps this mentality is narrow-minded or old-fashioned and, as a young Armenian, I should accept that the lifestyle choices of other Armenians do not concern me, but does this change when the figure is so well-known and has become something of an icon for our nation? To provide a counter-argument, it is also true that none of the Kardashians set out to become symbols or icons representing our country, therefore, they are not bound to considering the implications on the Armenian national identity before they act.

Considering this, it is also important to recognise that Kim Kardashian, as a single figure, has donated funds to various worthy causes in Armenia which has led to the betterment of the lives of the Armenian people. Also, she has been the source for many who have learned about the Armenian Genocide through the popular micro-blogging Website Twitter, of which she is a user. Her tweets have spread awareness about the cause to a demographic who would otherwise have never known of the Armenian people or their past. In fact, last month the Kardashian trio tweeted links to their Website which included a hashtag, in an attempt to trend the issue of the Genocide. On the 24th of April, Kim tweeted:

“Today lets all stand together & remember the 1.5 million people who were
massacred in the Armenian Genocide. April 24th, 1915. #NEVERFORGET”

It must be noted that Khloe Kardashian put pressure on her husband Lamar Odom who was given the proposition of playing basketball for a Turkish team in 2012. The Turkish team had approached Odom and offered him a contract. After some serious criticism from the other Kardashians, Khloe finally asked Odom to decline the offer. It seemed Odom was not aware of the Armenian Genocide – Khloe educated him on the matter.

Celebrities have always existed – from promiscuous monarchs to Roman gladiators – however, in the present day, fame is more easily obtained by anyone with enough money or a lack of self-respect.

— Andre Asaturyan

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