Khanasor Games 2015

Khanasor Games, an annual event in the London-Armenian event calendar. This year marks the 118th anniversary of the Khanasor Campaign, a campaign which embodied the development of the Khanasor spirit. This spirit amalgamates strength, resilience and co-operation. The Khanasor Games is obviously going to reflect a different spirit but nonetheless at its core are active, strong-willed Armenians.

This years event saw Men’s Football 5v5, Mens Basketball 3v3 and Women’s Basketball 3v3. Competition aside the event boasted activities for all with backgammon boards and table tennis available for free play.  Osterley Sports Hall was full of active youths engaging in a variety of activities whether it be watching sport, playing sport or simply eating food.

The football victory was taken by Team Shahum, the men’s basketball by Team Hovhaness and the women’s basketball by Team Maria. The competitors may not have fought a battle like our ancestors did 118 years ago but they fought their own battles, and it is this fighting spirit and determination which has assisted Armenians to survive and host events such as this.

— Vahe Boghosian

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