May 28th Commemorative Dinner and Dance

The month of May, a month of victory for Armenians, is traditionally topped off with a stunning dinner and dance. Held this year on June 9th and with a well-filled venue, the patriotic evening was as enjoyable as it’s ever been. The marking of the first Armenian independence is not least an event offering gratitude to our freedom fighters, not just of the three battles of 1918 but also for those in the many years leading up to our historic victory 94 years ago; it is a commemoration and reminder of our people’s determination to be free. On May 28th 1918 an official declaration was made that Armenia was a free and independent nation. Although this was short-lived it was an essential foundation of our modern-day nation, which would not exist had it not been for the original republic that emerged out of 600 years under the Ottoman regime.

The Navasartian Centre, like the entire country a few days before, was beautifully decorated with flags and patriotic bunting, capturing the essence of the commemoration. The dinner, prepared by the award-winning Yohannes Farhadian, was fit for Armenian heroes. The night continued as the French-based Shiraz band, with their male and female duets, gave a stunning performance which spread enthusiasm among those present and fuelled an assortment of dancing through the night.

After that there was, in usual fashion, the patriotic songs which the band performed brilliantly. However, their pleasure in entertaining was cut short as, due to mass demand, our own AYF’s enger Heros Jojaghaian took the stage and performed an astonishing solo of “Akhpers oo Yes”: a song which reminds us of the sacrifice Armenians made for us and struck the hearts of those in attendance. Soon after, enger Heros and the Shiraz band were joined by various other youths who sung passionately a further few songs. This ending to the evening sparked an aura that Armenians will struggle “minchev vor hasnink mer nbadagin” (until we reach our aims) as said in the song Aryunod Trosh.

— Vahe Boghosian

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