Navasard Celebrations and HYE Party

August 11 marks Navasard the ancient Pagan New Year literally translated as “nava” (new) and “sard” (year). Ancient Armenians would celebrate with weeklong festivities. Unfortunately, most of us can only dream of 7 days away from our daily routines, but at least we still have one night to celebrate the modern New Year.

This year, I had the pleasure of attending the HYE (Homenetmen Youth Events) New Year’s Eve celebration. The music may be different to the ancient Navasard parties, the food was definitely different (a good thing for sure!), but the fun one can have in an enjoyable environment is something indigenous to all cultures throughout history.

The dinner began with a speech on behalf on HYE by Tigran Poghosian who introduced the event at the Knightsbridge Rembrandt Hotel and Masis Yesayan immediately kicked off the night with popular Armenian music which was enjoyed by the dancing masses. The food was Armenian paradise: all you can eat. Very much like the food one would expect at a large family gathering, there was a great variety of delicious food and desert which left many pondering, after a few rounds; more food or dance?

The night continued with each table raising their glasses in “genats” to a great year ahead. With the seats, plates (and bottles!) empty, the countdown began followed by the jubilation of celebrating the coming of 2016. The festivities continued into the night. HYE, being a youth organisation, made sure to fill the hall with the energetic masses of young London Armenians.

Homenetmen Youth Events Committee with Masis Yesayan and band

The New Year’s Eve HYE party was a night where we got to join our friends and dance into the night, see you next year!

— Vahe Boghosian

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