New Executive Committee Elected

Our latest AGM – the cornerstone of any democratic organisation accountable to its members – was held in mid-December. The long and short of it entails the retiring executive committee presenting a summary of the outgoing year’s activities and health of the accounts, while answering questions and defending criticisms from the members; suggestions being put forth for the coming year; and ultimately electing the coming year’s executive committee. This year that honour was awarded to Hagop Krikorian, Ike Stepanian and myself: our roles are chairman, secretary, and treasurer/accountant respectively.

Having established the direction for this year we can announce that our activities will be geared towards awareness of the Armenian Genocide, social mixers, and fundraising. Of course our crown jewel, Yeritasard, will continue to serve you and expand its horizons. We ask you to watch this space.

— Heros Jojaghaian

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