Part II – AYF Stall

With the Centenary of the Armenian Genocide as the theme of the ‘Wake Up The Souls’ tour, we at AYF London were proud to man a stall at the Wembley SSE Arena, in collaboration with the Armenian National Committee of America as part of the #MarchToJustice campaign. Through this, we were able to raise awareness of the atrocities that occurred in 1915, and gain support for the cause.


As System of a Down are such advocates for justice, most attendees of the concert already had basic knowledge of the Armenian Genocide. The band is regularly vocal on the subject and thanks to its large fan base, already does an amazing job of getting word out. Our role was to provide a medium through which fans were able to actively support recognition. Set up at two locations at the venue, AYF London were prepared with literature to distribute with detailed information on the events, as well as collecting signatures on a petition urging the United Nations to condemn the Armenian Genocide and demand justice for this crime. We spent the evening talking to concert attendees, educating them on what occurred one hundred years ago and encouraging them to take the virtual steps to justice. The feedback we received was phenomenal, with fans wanting to know more about commemorative events taking place this month and eager to get involved and show their support.

A century has passed since the Ottoman persecution of Armenians so it is now more vital than ever to spread the word and educate the world on these crimes against humanity. The souls of our ancestors deserve recognition and it is our duty as the Armenians of today to ensure due process. We continue our crusade against injustice and through the recruitment and enlightenment of others; we are able to further our cause. AYF London would like to thank ANCA for this opportunity and congratulate them on the success of their campaign. Each act of demonstration takes us one step further in our #MarchToJustice.

— Arpi Stepanian

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