Part III – Continuing the Tour to Holland

It began with the steady and solemn plucks of Holy Mountains before System exploded into action – business as usual then when they’re Waking Up The Souls.

Being fortunate enough to experience them at two locations on their awareness crusade enabled me to draw contrasts. While Wembley was unquestionably enchanting, there was something more in Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome: a more emotive atmosphere; a greater sincerity of unity, epitomised by the mesmerising harmony and sheer fearlessness with which every soul cried the lyrics of Chop Suey! and Aerials. That they were clinging on, pleading, for every next word is no stretch of the truth.

Why was it so that this audience was more captivated and seemed more at one? Perhaps being predominantly Dutch – citizens of a country that’s recognised our genocide – they’re better equipped with the knowledge of what befell us a century ago, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of the songs and so lending them more gravity. A rudimentary but plausible analysis.

The following day I joined around 2000 Armenian-Dutchmen in The Hague – the majority of whom were not, unlike in our relative case, local residents – on an assertive procession through the streets of the Parliament-city, ending in a protest rally opposite the Turkish embassy. Young and old followed the chants, exercising their voices and expressing determination through raised fists.

This march was a new experience for me in that we weren’t just a spectacle for tourists. The streets were lined with people but they weren’t pointing camera lenses at us: rather they seemed intrigued and engaged.

What’s more interesting is that since their government doesn’t need further convincing of the facts, the attention of the local Armenians is turned towards pressuring Turkey to recognise the Genocide – on both a national and a local level. This is one big leap ahead of us in London. Any anxiety or reservations are replaced instead with an air of boldness and confidence in the knowledge that the Dutch government will defend our cause.


With the tremendous social awareness and political developments our cause has had in recent weeks I’m reminded of Yeghishe Charents’ famous quote. We all have contributions to make and I’ve seen again that, provided they’re made, we will wake up the souls of our ancestors.

— Heros Jojaghaian

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