Syrian Armenian Relief Appeal Sponsored Walk

On the brisk Sunday afternoon of November 4th, AYF had organised a sponsored walk in Central London in the bid to collect as much money as possible for the Syrian Armenians. The walk took place from the St. Yeghiche church over to the St. Sarkis Church. The group was very eager to complete the modest walk despite the cold and wet weather. AYF members had promoted the event and had managed to get around 45 walkers, not to mention a large number of sponsors collecting several hundreds of pounds for the cause. It was, however, a shame that more of our fellow Armenians in London had not come to support the Syrian Armenians.

The conflict in Syria has been going on for over a year, involving those supporting the Syrian President and those opposing; the protests started in the city of Derra and have escalated affecting several other Syrian cities, primarily Aleppo, and even the Syrian capital, Damascus. With countless protests and bombs, several Armenians have unfortunately lost their homes and livelihoods. Most recently the Armenian Church in Aleppo was burnt down and several Armenian schools remain closed due to destruction. The Syrian Armenians are in desperate need of our help and as fellow Armenians we should all feel the responsibility to help and play our part. Jerry Costello once said “With faith and courage, generations of Armenians have overcome great suffering and proudly preserved their culture, traditions, and religion.”

We hope that the amount collected will help our Armenian brothers and sisters get their lives back together and overcome yet another chapter of suffering in our story. AYF thanks those who participated, but it would be wrong to think we have done enough.

We will inform you of the total amount raised in next month’s Yeritasard.

[UPDATE: a total of £1870 was raised.]

— Arda Haladjian

The walkers at the finish line, St. Sarkis Church

Photo: Ruben Arakelyan

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