Three Cheers for Our President

Pres. Serzh Sargsyan’s Declaration on 29 January at the Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex in Yerevan was a revelation: a historical declaration of great significance. The President should be congratulated and applauded for making such a courageous statement about the Armenian legitimate claims against Turkey.

However, if this Declaration is not going to remain a flowery rhetoric and wither on the vine after 2015, certain concrete steps must be taken now, and I mean now, to achieve the whole, or part, of the demands of such a tall order:

a) Present and future governments of the Republic of Armenia, should, first, reconcile their political differences with the Diaspora; treating all organizations of all persuasions, as loyal friends of Armenia. Oceans and lands may separate Armenians geographically and make them a global entity, but they cannot separate us spiritually, historically and economically.

b) Armenia needs to strengthen the economy of the country, raise the standard of the people living there and start liquidating the prevailing oligarchical system and cleansing the high level corruption at all government levels.

c) The President of Armenia should also recognize, the invaluable contributions that all non-Armenian individuals and organisations have made in support of recognition of the Genocide during the past 50 years. Scholars and prominent writers may also be invited to Armenia for a seminar/conference discussing the future steps to be taken, after the centenary events, in order to consolidate grounds of our legal claims.

d) Granted, the pursuit of these goals and activities will inevitably increase the hostility of our neighbours from hell: Need I spell out their names? – A&T. Armenia should be militarily strong enough to withstand their hostilities – both internally and internationally.

e) Finally, Social Media is now a modern weapon with which to wage a war… Our young Internet savvy generation, should be able to conduct such a war using their internet skills.

April 2015 should not be regarded as the end of our pursuit for justice for our 1.5 million martyrs,but the beginning of the end!

Good luck Armenia, Good luck Diaspora.

—Haig Vartanian

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