University Armenian Societies Host Genocide Events

Student bodies are forming the intellectual and ideological thoughts of the future. If we at the University College London (UCL) Armenian Society can educate one person on the Armenian Genocide, we would consider that a success as one can never tell where the bright mind of a student will end up. On the 25 March the UCL Armenian Society in lieu with the SOAS Armenian Society organised a film screening of Susanne Khardalian’s emotional documentary, first aired on Al Jazeera, entitled ‘Grandma’s Tattoos’. The film follows Susanne’s journey in trying to find out more about her grandma; her cold personality and the tattoos she had on her face and hands. Khardalian discovers a dark world of rape, murder, torture and deportation, which was a significant facet of the Armenian Genocide. The documentary will instil a deep emotional response in even the toughest of us, personalising the plight of many through the dark story of one girl.

On 26 March the UCL Armenian Society hosted the final event in a series of events organised by the UCL and SOAS Armenian Societies. This included the Armenian Genocide exhibition launch, which was exhibited at SOAS and at UCL. The final event was a book launch of Vicken Cheterian’s new book ‘Open Wounds: A Century of Genocide’ published by HART Publishers. The book tracks not only the history of the Genocide, but also the history of the Genocide in the context of Armenian, Turkish and Kurdish history – which Dr. Cheterian argues is vital in understanding the Genocide and how the lie of denialism is fabricated. At the event Dr. Cheterian spoke about why he chose this approach, and offered a brief summary of the findings of his book before opening the floor to questions.

I would like to thank all those who attended and supported our events on behalf of the UCL Armenian Society. Ultimately the University Armenian organise these events so that the next generation of politicians, scientists, journalists etc., do not make the same mistakes of the last; turning a blind eye to the injustice faced by the Armenians and others of the present.

— Vahe Boghosian

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