Your Words, Our Words

On the occasion of Yeritasard’s one-year special edition, we have just a sample of the praise we’ve received from some of our faithful readers. We thank you for your kind words and continued readership.

– Anais

Well done all. Simple and yet very informative and readable. Keep up the good work.
– Armand

– Armen

I read your editorial articles entirely. All were very good and excellent. Job well done.
– Bedros

Well done AYF – your Newsletter is brilliant!
– Hayasdan

Excellent Newsletter, keep up the good work!
– Matilda

Fantastic Newsletter. Keep up the good work.
– Sella

Arda Haladjian, AYF London member, comments: “I’m very proud that this newsletter that started off as our little seedling; with nurture and hard work has grown into something that the whole community has appreciated and been interested in. It has been a great platform for us to show the talent that we have in the youth.”

Ruben Arakelyan, AYF London executive committee member, comments: “One year ago, we embarked on a journey – a journey to inform and promote. That journey is Yeritasard. We were and still are humbled by the reception from our readers and hope we can continue to live up to your expectations now and in the future.”

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