Yesterday’s Actions, Today’s Talk

Recent news has seen the Falkland Islands issue return to light due to the actions of Argentina’s president, Fernandez. It is an issue that the majority of the British public have an opinion on; some claim that Britain should have waged total war against Argentina: others think that this ex-colony has no reason to belong to Britain.

In any case the Falkland’s issue is an example of past events – nearly 200 years ago – influencing the politics of today. President Fernandez’s argument for why the Falkland Islands should be part of Argentina is one based on the ideas of international law and UN declarations. Many Armenians also base their campaign for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide on international law and UN declarations, but, like many things in politics, these declarations and laws only apply to the powerful when it suits them.

Britain has retained the Falkland Islands by a combination of fighting, patriotism, support from the people and an inflexible belief that the islands are British. It is this same combination that Azerbaijan uses to retain what was Armenian land. This is not to say that British presence in the Falkland Islands is wrong, but it is important to recognise new tactics. Azerbaijan exhibits another style of fighting: the idea of cultural domination. The fighting of the 1990’s fuelled waves of patriotism against Armenians. It’s a vicious cycle, and one that may only end in aggressive action. As much as war is undesired, I cite the famous adage: “If you wish for peace, prepare for war”, a seemingly unfortunate truth. Only the strong are safe. UN declarations have done many Peoples no favours in the past and, sadly, will probably not do them any in the future either.

However, to assume that strength implies military greatness is wrong. Culturally, Armenia must stand as one; economically and politically Armenia must possess ties which make a war undesirable, not just for Armenians but for powers around the world. It is also wrong to assume that war implies military action: in the new age we see new wars from cyber-attacks to economic sabotage. To ensure the result is a desirable peace, Armenians must hold a confident belief not in propaganda, not in lies but in true fact verified by the majority of historians. The majority of historians recognise the plight of the Armenians at the hands of the Ottomans; the majority record that the lands were once Armenia, before a systematic attempt was made to rid the geography of an identity attributable to Armenians. It is these facts that must be understood and referenced with conviction should the occasion call for it. As seen in the case of the Falkland Islands, history impacts today’s world and that is why Armenians must be equipped with the facts of theirs.

— Vahe Boghosian

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